Stylish Kitchen Storage Solutions

Stylish Kitchen Storage Solutions

So you have measured your kitchen space, you have the graph paper plan, torn-out pictures from décor magazines and have the final budget all lined up. The only thing that’s stopping you from going full steam ahead with your dream kitchen is wondering where on earth you are going to store all those spare utensils, dishes and ‘life-altering’ kitchen gadgets. You know, those items that have never seen light outside the box since they were re-gifted to you last Christmas.

But never fear – we have come up with some clever and oh-so stylish kitchen storage solutions for you to consider when designing your perfect kitchen space.

Floor to Ceiling Storage

It’s a rookie error not to consider the amount of vertical space your kitchen has, because you were solely concentrated on the horizontal layout of the room. Areas like above the refrigerator are the ideal place to put some open shelving or cabinets to house things that don’t see a lot of general use, like electric whisks and such.

Installing cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling will also maximize your kitchen storage potential. It does not makes sense to install units that fall short of the ceiling by say, half a meter, because the top of the units will only collect dust and grime, and anything else that you have just bunged on top of the cabinets. It will create a cluttered look.

If your ceilings are very high then a sliding ladder attached to a rail that runs along the front of your cabinets is a fun and practical solution to reaching the upper shelves.

Wall Mounted Storage

Wall mounted storage solutions can come in the form of magnetic strips that attach to knives and such, or they can exist as a rail where you can then hang mini baskets and/or racks to build up the storage you need. These storage solutions work best at mid-height and in areas of high kitchen traffic (i.e. near the stove). They also work best for smaller items like utensils and spices and, if they are arranged nicely, they can make your kitchen look very tidy and organized indeed.

Free Standing Structures

For small kitchen spaces, a lack of countertop space can hinder your ability to prepare the kinds of meals you really want. A free-standing, or even movable kitchen island (on caster wheels), can give you the space and storage you need to do those fiddly little bits of food prep you see on TV.

And because they can be moved, if you have an awkward corner – over by the back door, for example – where you can’t fit something permanently, those islands on wheels can slide right in there and be brought out when needed.

They can even be added to the side of your kitchen table for when you have some extra guests around for dinner.

Cabinet Inserts

Cabinets that stand in corners of your kitchen waste lots of valuable kitchen storage space if they are not organized effectively. These little tucked in spaces are usually quite dark and anything that gets shoved in there will likely just sit and never be used again, because no one likes rummaging around in these kinds of awkward storage spaces every day.

That’s where cabinet inserts can help. These attach with hinges to your existing cabinets and provide mini pivoting shelves or carousels that spin and open out and display your items in a super organized way.

Narrow Drawers

Narrow drawers flip the emphasis from horizontal drawer space to vertical storage space and are a feature of many luxury kitchen designs. If you’re lacking in pantry space, then a long narrow drawer can tuck into the side of your refrigerator and utilize all of that previously redundant vertical space.

Do you have any other clever kitchen storage solutions up your sleeve? Share them in comments below.

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