Why Go With Tile Floor?

Whether it be ceramic or any other type of tile; they look beautiful and blend with the entire surrounding. They are typically used for bathrooms and kitchens flooring. They have become a popular choice among customers due to it being durable and easy to maintain. Installing tile is one of those do it yourself projects. It is not difficult to do it but requires patience and preparation. This article will guide you with this chore in full detail making your do it yourself project easy yet effective.


Things you will need

Before you begin fitting tiles, make sure that you have the following things:

• Tiles which you want to install

• Cement baker board

• Tile nippers

• Tape measure

• Knee pads

• Tile cutters or tile saw

• Grout

• Chalk line

• Rubber float

• Clean water in ample amount

• Eye protection goggles

• Hammer

• Nails

• Buckets

• Notched trowel

• Thin set

When you have all these things, you can surely start your do it yourself project without any professional’s help.


1. First of all remove baseboards or any other existing floor coverings.

2. Though tiles are hard but they are brittle too. They may crack easily if the floor underneath is not leveled off or stable. So the next step is to even out the floor by adding nails.

3. Once you have achieved a stabilized floor; add cement backer board on it. Fasten it with the recommended glue and then nail the backer board in floor joists.

4. Now see whether you can open and close the door easily of the room or not. If yes then install one tile and repeat it. If the door opens easily then you are good to go otherwise you will have to trim the bottom of the door.

5. Clean the area and start putting the tiles very carefully.

Layout and Tile Setting

1. Using a measuring tape measure the length and width of the entire room. Divide the area by the area of a tile you are using. Purchase few extra tiles because they break while fitting process.

2. With a chalk line, mark a line from both length and width of the room which intersect at the center. Make sure that both line are making a ninety degree angle.

3. Start fitting the tiles with spacers in between to fill it with grout.

4. With the help of thin set hold your tiles in place. It a powder like substance which you mix in water to have a consistency equal to that of peanut butter.

5. Spread the thin set with a notched trowel and lay down the tiles. While doing this do wear your knee pads.

6. Tap the tile with rubber mallet from four sides and center too to fix it properly.

7. Start from center and move towards edges so that cut out pieces are at the ends. You may use a tile nipper to cut shapes where required.

8. Leave the tiles as it is for a night so that they set in the thin set.

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