Spring Home Remodeling Ideas

Spring is when that first sun ray slices through the heavens and lands softly on mother earth gently awakening her to a new life. As she takes her first breath, the flowers bud, the birds sing, the hibernators awaken, and the fields are green and lush. The canvas of earth painting shows a beautiful color of greens and yellows which “smells” wow.

Spring is the season after winter and before summer and who does not like spring? The long cold winter days with the halt in daily activities, being cooped up in the house for so long too long; spring is the season that ushers in the appreciation of what life is and resuscitates the soul of nature and man.

It is also the season to pull the curtains apart, raise the blinds, pack up the cold clothes and welcome light, love, color, and newness.

Sprin means transformation or transforming. And home remodelling is not left aside. Spring is when we see homeowners changing the entire house or home to bring in the freshness of the beautiful outdoors. The temperature associated with spring makes it the perfect weather to add color to your home. Some beautiful spring colors are yellows, blues of lighter shade, greys, off-white, peaches, lavender and pinks.

Change the wall colors

If you are painting your home then the above colors are definitely ones to try out and because it is spring, the paint dries faster with no mess. When using wallpaper, however, flowery paper or strips and plaids are wonderful ideas with the above colors or shades of browns to complement the excessive brightness that comes with spring’s colors.

Move the furniture

Spring is also a time to push things around. Yes, change the furniture positions. In addition to moving the furniture around, add some fluffiness to them. Puff up the pillows; a velvety material would do just fine and it lasts all year round too.

Bring spring inside

Although, spring weather tends to cause lots of allergies, the season is beautiful and colorful. Get the flower vases and add flowers to the corners of the home. The center table will do with a little white flower to avoid obstruction during family time. If you are however allergic to flowers, get beautiful artificial one that adds some sparkle to your space. Remember to make sure that the plants and flower can survive indoors because of limited sunlight.

Make that dining area special

Add a colorful tablecloth on the table to give it some pizzazz as we get ready to indulge in all the freshness that springs brings forth. Spring is a time for fresh foods and fruits so enjoy the season.

Add some artwork

If you ever loved art, spring is the time to showcase it. Invest in a painting of terracotta piece to add some rustic feel to your abode. The artwork is the perfect finish to the changes in your sitting area creating a creative space for friends and family. Open the windows or the balcony doors to lengthen and brighten the sitting area.

Upgrade the kitchen

The kitchen certainly should not be left out. Oranges and browns are colors that blend into whites walls of the kitchen. Adding a pop of color will expand your kitchen space. Have the pipes and drainages checked as winter tends to do a lot of damage to PVC, keep in mind that in fixing the drainages, water is bound to spills over the floor; so this will be a good time to change the kitchen flooring and base cabinets. Also bring out those flowery china wares and glasses because spring means a lot of cooking, herbs, and spices. Also, spring is a great time to come together with friends and family seated around in the garden by the fire and reminisce, so the garden and its landscape should be overhauled too. Also get that barbeque grill cleaned and fixed for some spring grilling with family over good foods and drinks.

Repair windows and frames

Winter does a lot of damage to the window frames and windows. So, this might be the time to fix them or repaint them.

The driveway

The driveway may very well need some work because of the snow’s effect on the cement. Since this will require some cement work, get a professional to get it done. While fixing the driveway, check the roofing and shingles, as well as the fence; for fallen/rotted wood or bad shingles. Repaint the wooden fence to make the outside beautiful too.

Spring your bedroom

Get the thick, dull looking blankets back into the attic and bring love and romance back into the bedroom with spring. Add whites and greys to create a widening illusion of space. This is one space that needs to know that spring is here, adding flowers-real ones will be healthier than fake ones. Add extra lighting with some soothing night lights for calmness and warmth, some sheer white curtains rather than blinds will be better and a duvet for the bed.

Spring is a lot of cleaning and scrubbing. Get cleaning agents, brushes, polishes and rags. Bleach the bathroom and kitchen tiles to whiten them. Use baking soda and vinegar to clean silver or aluminum pieces. Get new towels for the bathroom, toiletries and air fresheners for a nice smell.

Use fewer abrasives to avoid spoiling the paints and finishes on items but make them clean and fresh as spring. Get decorative pieces or containers around the house for storage in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Spring is a once in year affair that brings out our creativity, puts us in a great mood, adds a breath of freshness and lightens our already hectic lifestyle, while motivating us to open up and do something new. Spring is also a season where in addition to the abundance of fresh foods, construction materials are also abundantly available to kick off that long-awaited remodeling or to build something new.

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