Screen the Porch for More Living Room (Almost) All Year


Outdoor Addition

A screened porch is an excellent outdoor addition to your home. I love to have gatherings on our porch with family and friends. Sometimes, I just enjoy relaxing by myself in the early morning, drinking a cup of hot coffee and listening to the birds chipper.

Shapes and Sizes 

Screened porches come in as many shapes, sizes and designs as do homes. They are a reflection of you and your style, and therefore should be designed to compliment your home from the inside out. 
While screened porches do not add a lot of monetary value to your home upon resale, they do add value in the sense that potential buyers will subconsiously add value to it.

Screened Porch Personality

Screened porches can be decorated in so many ways to reflect who you are. By adding furniture, lighting, fans, rugs, and even built-in fireplaces, they become a room all on their own. 
Consider having a porch swing built and hung. It’s so relaxing to sit under the stars in a porch swing! Rockers will add great character to your screened porch. It makes me think of an old married couple for some reason, and to me, that is a cozy feeling. Add some rugs to give color and pattern to the floors.  
Johnson City Handyman has been designing screened porches for almost 15 years. When you are looking for an excellent builder that truly works for you, contact us or call us at 423-268-1251.
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