Does Your Bathroom Need a Facelift?

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Bathroom remodeling is a fantastic way to not only enrich the livability of your home, but to also create everlasting value. Johnson City Handyman has the background and expertise to work with you to match your style and desires. We then help you to devise your dream bathroom that is also practical, energy efficient and adds an increase in value to your home.  We are committed to coordinating with our clientele to ensure their desires and goals are met as closely as possible, regardless of whether you simply want a small bathroom remodel, or create a splendid spa-like master bathroom.

Return on Investment

Bathroom remodeling in Johnson City is one of the most popular home remodeling endeavors.  A well thought out design can afford the homeowner one of the highest returns on investment.  Simply by remodeling a currently existing bathroom, you can expect to reciprocate around a 67% return!

Of course there are various other reasons for a homeowner wanting to complete a bathroom remodel or renovation. 

  • Your bathroom may be out-of-date
  • Your bathroom may not function well
  • You may not have enough storage space
  • You may not have ample lighting
  • There simply may not be enough space
  • Something may be broken or need repair
  • You may be thinking about resale

bathroom-remodeling-tileBathroom Remodeling with Your Style in Mind

Whether it’s a powder room, hall bath or master bathroom, a bath remodel is a great place to show off your individual style and personality. Your bathroom remodeling designer can help you navigate through all of the product selections, colors and designs to help you create that perfect room for you and your family. 

If your present bathroom looks best when the door is closed, then it might finally be the time for bathroom remodeling in order to create the dream bathroom you have always wanted!

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 Average Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Clients almost always inquire about the average expenditure for a bathroom remodeling design and implementation. The actual cost of any bathroom remodeling project will obviously have many variables.  What types of materials does the client want to use? Is the client looking for a more contemporary bathroom remodel or is it to be an upscale remodel with a customized whirlpool tub, stone countertops and electric in-floor heating?   The following numbers are based on averages in East Tennessee on bathroom remodeling projects completed in the past year.

Mid-range Bathroom Remodeling

,Job Cost $17,109 |Resale Value $11,409 | Cost Recouped 66.7%

Upscale Bathroom Remodeling

Job Cost $56,968 | Resale Value $35,530 | Cost Recouped 62.4%

Averages based on Remodeling Cost vs Value Report 2017

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