Tips to Remodel Your KitchenNine Tips To Finding a Great Kitchen Remodeler


The kitchen is the heart of many homes and many homeowners desire to make this important room efficient, highly functional, stylish, and comfortable. Once you have made the decision to start remodeling your kitchen there are important considerations you will need to make. The following tips will help smooth your kitchen remodeling project, save costs, and keep to schedule.

Determine Your Values

The first thing you need to do is to determine how everyone in your household uses the kitchen. Is your kitchen a multi-purpose room where the kids do their homework and you entertain guests? Do you have breakfast and dinner together in the kitchen? How you use your kitchen will dictate the kind of remodeling you will need to do. The value you place in the kitchen will also determine whether you will need new storage space or new appliances. You also need to figure out your needs and desires.

Do Your Research

Once you know when and how everyone uses the kitchen you now have to come up with a remodeling plan. You can visit showrooms and check out magazines and websites for inspiration. Visit contractors and decorators and look through their previous designs and find the one that fits you best. You can pick different ideas from many different designs. Just ensure that you do not get confused and you do not end up with a cluttered design trying to fit everything you like into that one room.

Take Your Time

A kitchen remodeling project is an important and time consuming undertaking. For that reason you need to not rush through any phase of the project. Take your time to search and decide on the ideal layout and design. Carefully choose your appliances and kitchen cabinets. Take your time to prepare yourself and the whole household for the upcoming project. Everyone will have to get used to workmen moving around the house, dust, noise, and the cost of the remodeling project.

Get Expert Advice

While your research can get you many exciting ideas and blogs or pinterest posts can provide inspiration, nothing beats talking to an expert. Get qualified advice from a professional who has actually been to your kitchen. While there are many ideas out there, not all of them will work well with your kitchen and an expert will quickly point out what can work and what can’t. Additionally, a professional will give you cost estimates that will help you plan on how to finance the project.

Search for Qualified Contractors

Once you are ready to begin your kitchen remodeling project, get bids from interested contractors. However, do not make your final choice on which contractor to go with simply judging on price alone. Quality is a much more important factor as you need a functional yet beautiful space. When getting the bids, make sure all contractors are bidding on the exact same job specifics so you can make a better informed decision. You need to be very specific about what you need done and the kinds of materials that should be used.

Run a Check on the Contractor

When analyzing bids, it is better to find a reputable and reliable contractor rather than just go with the lowest priced. Therefore, you need to ask the contractor for current licenses, proof of insurance coverage, and even a list of suppliers. Talk to previous customers about their experiences with that contractor. Ask if their project was completed by the contractor in time, whether it went too far over budget, and whether the contractor cleaned up after completion.

Set Up a Payment Plan

It is never a good idea to pay a contractor the full amount upfront. Make a down payment first then make several payments upon completion of predetermined phases. Make the last payment after everything has been completed and you are satisfied with the end product. Have the contractor draw out a contract explicitly describing the payment plan and what needs to be completed in each phase.

Use the Original Plumbing and Electrical Layout

To save on costs and shorten the duration of the project you do not need to gut your whole kitchen. Consider leaving the electrical and plumbing layout as it is unless it is faulty. You may also keep your current cabinets and just switch to new doors or drawers. Something else you can keep is the flooring if it still looks good.

Be Flexible

While you may have a definite idea of what you want for your kitchen, you should be flexible enough to change or incorporate new ideas into your overall plan. More often than not, your views will change as the kitchen remodeling project advances.

Having the perfect kitchen is every homeowner’s dream and a kitchen remodel should be approached with care. Choose your layout, designs, and appliances well. Take your time making decisions so that you factor in all important considerations before making your decision.

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