Classic Bathroom Designs
Classic Bathroom Designs
Classic Bathroom Designs

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Bathrooms are funny old places to redecorate. For the ‘smallest room in the house,’ where it’s obvious the things you need to place in there, a lot of dodgy decorating decisions can take place.

For example, how could anyone forget the 1970’s when avocado bathroom suites were all the rage?

I can’t imagine who first thought that those dingy green units would look good in rooms that typically don’t see much light, but lo and behold practically everyone had a set in their home.

Also, how about those bits of carpeting some people like to put on their toilet seat cover and around the base of the loo? I don’t think I could think of a more unhygienic place to put an absorbent textile, but some people appear to love that sort of thing.

But enough of the bathroom décor disasters. This article will examine some of the more classic, bathroom design features that transcend the passing interior design fads.

Claw Foot Tubs

Free-standing bath tubs with four ‘claw’ shaped feet were typical of the Victorian era and look just as luxurious in modern bathroom designs. They were originally made from cast iron, which you can imagine would be very heavy. However, acrylic versions are now manufactured en masse and their elegant shape is still extremely popular.

White Subway Tile

Subway tile gets its name because these crisp, white 3×6 tiles were featured in every subway stop on the New York underground. The simplistic look of a white subway tiled bathroom is timeless and always looks fresh because they have an ever-so-slightly shiny coating and are a doddle to clean.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks feature a plinth underneath the bowl of the sink that covers the associated plumbing fixtures underneath. The sleek up-and-down shape of these sinks will remain a classic in bathroom design because they’re easy to clean and don’t take up much visual space, which makes them perfect for smaller spaces.

Console Sinks

Console sinks are slightly different to pedestal sinks because the fixture is mounted on four legs at each corner, making the plumbing underneath visible. These types of sinks can therefore be thoroughly cleaned and fixed more easily than a pedestal. Console sinks will also include a little more space around the edge of the basin, which you can utilize for extra storage.


Marble tiling and fixtures will always give an opulent feel in bathrooms and are reminiscent of ancient roman baths and architecture. However, marble surfaces require specialist cleaning products and can scratch easily, so be wary of their placement in your bathroom and try to avoid installing it in ‘high traffic’ areas like the shower. Other classic bathroom surface materials include, slate, soapstone and natural colored granite.

‘Telephone’ Taps

This style of tap is known as the ‘telephone’ tap because the hand shower attachment sits on top of the hot and cold taps and looks a little bit like an old-time telephone. The design is practical and will look attractive on a freestanding tub or on a built-in fixture.

Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

A mirrored medicine cabinet above your sink is a staple purchase for any bathroom because the practicality of being able to store toiletries behind your mirror just makes sense. A cluttered bathroom only gives you more things to clean every week, so these really are a classic bathroom essential.


Chrome or nickel-plated fixtures always create a nice finished and pulled-together look on modern design bathroom suites. Other finishes like brass and gold colored fittings look shabby when they’re dirty and eventually the coating will start to wear away and begin to look old. Opting for uniformly chrome fixtures should look smarter and newer for much, much longer.

These classic bathroom design features will never go out of style because they all share similar characteristics of good design; they’re practical, elegant and transcend taste and style boundaries.

Can you think of any more timeless bathroom design features? Share in the comments below.

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