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Cabinet Refinishing – A New Face Lift

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Beautiful Red
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in Beautiful Red

Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Johnson City has just got easier than ever with Johnson City Handyman’s kitchen cabinet refinishing paints and coatings. Restoring kitchen cabinets is about much more than just adding years of life and service to our customers’ cabinets. It’s also about using our cabinet refinishing expertise to create a beautiful, eye catching final finish that complements the entire home.

With our unique customized coating process, we provide durable and distinct finishes for your cabinets that will update the look of your kitchen to reflect your unique sense of style. You can choose to resurface your existing cabinets, inside and out, or make an even more dramatic change by adding new doors, drawer fronts and other custom features.

No Hassle Remodeling

All this without all the usual hassles of remodeling. There’s no waiting weeks on-end to be able to use your kitchen. In fact, we are usually done with your kitchen in about a week or less. We strip, sand, and paint the cabinet doors, shelves, and drawers in our shop. We will only be at your home to work on the frame of the cabinets itself. Simply put for you, this will be a quick and easy project!

At Johnson City Handyman, we make every effort to do all of the dirty work in our own shop. We will remove all possible items including cabinet doors, drawers, and shelving to sand and paint/stain in our paint booth. We typically spray  the paint or stain and use only the best in materials to provide a flawless and smooth coat. You will be amazed at what new colors and cabinet refinishing can do for your cabinets!

Top of the Line Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Products

Our kitchen cabinet refinishing products are of the absolute highest quality.  With our specialized coating process, you get a durable, smooth finish that is easy to clean. Much tougher than standard factory-grade finishes or materials used by re-facing companies, our furniture-grade finish will not crack, peel or fade-we guarantee it. We can refinish your cabinets in any color you choose as well as any color of stain (must be the same color stain or darker).

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Pricing

Kitchen cabinet refinishing typically costs 60% less than replacement and 40% less than refacing. We provide a a full one-year guarantee on materials and a one-year warranty on our refinishing service.

Johnson City Handyman charges approximately $65 per door and $30 per drawer for kitchen cabinet refinishing (dark solid color). Our minimum cost is $495. Whites, distressing, antiquing and staining techniques may be a bit more. If you have more than 20 cabinet doors, we will offer you a discount, just call or email us for a price.

Please take a few minutes to browse our site and if you have any questions about kitchen cabinet refinishing please give us a call at 423-268-1251.


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