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Who says a room by room makeover has to break the budget? These 7 simple DIY projects are easy enough for any amateur and will certainly create a new sense of freshness in your home.


Kitchen: Chalkboard Cabinet Door

If you are anything like us, then you struggle every time you need to find a measuring cup or measuring spoon; ours are piled into a drawer, along with the spoons. Well, Mandi, of Tidbits from the Tremaynes, showed us how to tackle this once and for all. Simply take a little chalkboard paint to the inside of your kitchen cabinet, then using chalk or a white marker pen (if you want the writing permanent), write down grocery lists, baking measurements, or phone numbers. By using leftover molding and small hooks, you can easily hang measuring cups and teaspoons, saving you from ever having to fumble through that drawer again.

You can see the full tutorial at Tidbits from the Tremaynes.





Photo by Two Twenty One

 Living Room or Office: Gallery Wall

Do you have a box of photos and mementos that you have never gotten around to hanging? Ours are stored in a large Rubbermaid container! This is a great way to display some of those and also take up space on a boring, stale, blank wall. Pick your favorite pictures, travel mementos, post cards – whatever is important to you, and arrange a gallery wall over your couch,  desk, mantle, entertainment center— or wherever there’s an expanse of plain paint. 

Get the full scoop on how to do this over at Two Twenty One.


Photo by The Chic Site

Bedroom: No-Sew Pillows

No need for mad sewing skills with this great, quick project! New pillows can spruce up your bedroom or couch and are simple to make with these great directions from The Chic Site. Not only can you find some fantastic fabric, but you can also use napkins, dish towels, or even a tablecloth. By utilizing the greatness of fusible bonding web and velcro fabric fusion, there is absolutely no sewing to this project! 

Head on over to The Chic Site for a full tutorial.


Paint Vinyl Floors
Photo by Designer Trapped



Laundry Room: Painted Floors 

I have been looking for a way to brighten up our laundry room for quite some time now. We have vinyl that is scuffed up and outdated, although we could just replace it, we have never gotten around to doing so. In my search, I came across this awesome post on painting vinyl floors, yes painting! By using porch paint that you can easily purchase at Lowes or Home Depot, you can renew any room in your house, not just your laundry room.

For full details on this tutorial, visit Designer Trapped.






Herringbone Bookcase
Photo by Lolly Jane

Home Office: Stenciled Bookcase

These stenciled bookcases would also work fantastic for a craft room, which is exactly what Lolly over at Lolly Jane Blog did. You could even pick up some dirt cheap bookcases and paint them first, saving even more money (we’re all about saving money).  Whether you want to store vintage knick knacks, office supplies, or craft supplies, a stenciled bookcase will brighten up an otherwise bland piece of furniture. Utilize crates, mason jars, old suitcases and more to de-clutter your shelves and make for an interesting conversation piece at the same time!

Check out the full tutorial, including the crates and bunting over at Lolly Jane.



Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer
Photo by The DIY Playbook

Bathroom: Mason Jar Organizer

Bathroom storage is always an issue. It seems that with makeup especially, my bathroom counter top overruns. This quick and easy project will only take a few hours (with drying time) and can quickly add a new look to any bathroom. Imagine the possibilities of what you can store in these timeless mason jars. Painting them to match your current decor would also be a great idea! So simple to do, yet creates such a change in a typically boring part of the home.

For the full project details, visit The DIY Playbook.



Dip Dyed Chairs
Photo by For the Love Of


Kids’ Room: Dip-Dyed Chairs

Take white chairs, tables, or stools from a kid’s bedroom (or play room) and brighten them with their favorite color. If the chairs aren’t white already, give them a simple coat of white spray paint so the dipped edges really pop.  You could even take this a step further by adding one of the no-sew pillows from the beginning of this post! The total time for this quick project is about 3 hours, including drying time and is so simple, the kids can help you. Happy dipping!

For a full tutorial, please visit For The Love Of.







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