Bathroom Safety With Safeway Safety Step

The Safeway Safety Step Package begins with the installation of a Safeway Step® walk through bathtub cut out into your existing bathtub. The 24” wide by 9” deep tub cut converts your existing tub into a shower making it safer to step through instead of over the side of the tub. It can be installed in less than a day, and often in the same week. 

Designed to reduce the danger of slipping and falling when getting into and out of a bathtub, our Safeway Safety Step bathroom safety package provides the necessary items to create a safe home bathroom environment for seniors and the mobility impaired. Johnson City Handyman is a preferred installer for the Safeway Safety Step. We will take care of ordering the package and installing it for you, from start to finish.

Safeway Safety Step for Bathroom Safety

Safeway Safety Step Bathroom Safety Package Includes:

  • One-day Installation of the step through bathtub to shower conversion, with or without a door. It can be installed in porcelain, steel, fiberglass and acrylic tubs
  • Two ADA approved safety grab bars
  • A slip resistant surface applied to the bottom of the tub

Additional Bathroom Safety Options:

  • A curved shower rod to give you the feel of a larger tub
  • A hand held shower nozzle to make personal bathing easier
  • A tub chair to make bathing more convenient
  • We can even change the color of your bathtub and tile surround

Safety First

  • Giving you, or the person you care for, safer entry and exit from the bathtub.  
  • Reducing the risk of losing one’s balance when stepping over the side of a bathtub.
  • Having ADA approved grab installed for added support.
  • Eliminating a slippery tub bottom.



Bathroom Safety for Elder Care 

According to the National Council on Aging, one in three slip and fall accidents for adults 65+ happen in the bathroom, usually resulting in a serious injury.

The Safeway Safety Step bathroom safety package is an affordable solution for senior homeowners.  It allows seniors and the mobility impaired to stay in their own homes longer.

Safeway Safety Step Package Gives You Better Value in Bathroom Safety

Walk-in tubs typically require large amounts of time and money to tear out the old bathtub, remove walls, and perform extensive plumbing modifications. The Safeway Safety Step Door Option gives you the same safety, convenience and independence benefits for thousands less than expensive walk-in tubs.  Plus our one-day installation in your existing steel, cast iron or fiberglass tub, saves you the headaches of the time and mess the installation of a walk-in tub requires. 

An estimate for a Safeway Safety Step Package also does not require the high-pressure sales presentation most walk-in tub or door tub sales people demand. Johnson City Handyman will quote you a price over the phone and respond quickly to schedule the installation.    

Safeway Safety Step- An Easy Bathroom Safety Package

To learn more about how Johnson City Handyman Home Remodeling and Repairs can make your bathroom safer, or safer for someone you care for, call us at 423-232-0585, we are more than happy to explain the Safeway Safety Step Bathroom Safety Package and options with you!