attic-remodeling-bedroomAttic Remodeling


Add Livable Space to Your Home

Attic remodeling is a fantastic way to add more livable space to your home. Attics can have many uses such as an extra bathroom, a new home office, master suite, guest bedroom, or a great family game room.



Attic Remodeling Climate Control

For climate control in a remodeled attic during the cooler winter and warmer summer months, a ceiling fan will help. However, discuss with a HVAC company the cost of routing heating and cooling ducts, as your newly remodeled attic will have a much different temperature requirement than does the rest of your home.  Utilizing spray-foam for roof installation will create tighter barriers, take up less space in the ceiling and help to keep heat in and out.

Attic Remodeling Storage Solutions

In a remodeled attic storage solutions should include cabinets, drawers and cubbies, all recessed to save on space. Also, consider utilizing the staircase for extra storage such as bookcases  or shelving.  

Attic Remodeling Lighting

Utilize recessed LED fixtures in ceiling or walls. Add some windows. Or for a really elegant feel, considering opening your attic out to a deck and using french doors.

Finishing Touches

A remodeled attic painted in whites, ivories or creme colors will make the new area appear larger and give it a more crisp, clean feel.  Finish the ceiling with paneling and applied appliques for a more elegant finish, bead boards will add a beautiful finishing touch, as well v-grooved wood paneling for a more rustic or country feel.

A remodeled attic can be noisy to those below it. To cut down on noise for the rooms below, reinforce floor joists, use blown-in dense-pack insulation, and add carpet or rugs on the floors.

Attic Remodeling – Important Points to Consider 

1. Most remodeled attics require the head room to be at least 7’H x 7’W (over 50% of the area) and no less than 70 sq. ft.

2. Most attic remodeling code will require and egress window for escape during an emergency. However, this can be nicely put out of view with a cabinet door.

3. Will there be enough area for a properly sloped staircase? Or will attic remodeling take off too much area from the lower level of the home, as well as the attic?

4. Is the attic floor made of 2×4’s? If so they will need to be reinforced.

5. Are the rafters formed into an “A” shape? If not, attic remodeling will not be very cost effective, as opposed to other additions to your home.

According to the 2014 Cost vs Value Report, attic remodeling can provide the homeowner with the 3’rd highest return on investment at resale! Now is the time to have your attic remodeled into a bedroom and add value to your home.

2014 National Averages

Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Entry Door Replacement $1,262 96.6%
Deck Addition (Wood) $9,539 87.4%
Attic Bedroom Remodel $49,438 84.3%
Garage Door Replacement $1,534 83.7%